Over last twenty years I have been part of Health Education ranging from being Medical School student to Faculty at Western University of Health Sciences. This included training to Medical Students during Ophthalmology rotation in AIIMS, to training of Ophthalmology Residents during Pediatric Ophthalmology rotations in past. As resident in Ocular disease, I was able to supervise externs from various Optometry Programs from throughout the country including international students from Australia. Since 2014, I’ve┬ápart of Western University’s College of Optometry and besides leading the course on Retina and Posterior segment, have been involved in various didactic and clinical training of students from College of Optometry and other colleges at the University

Currrent Teaching

  • Present2014

    Retina and Posterior Segment.

    Ocular Disease IV course on Retina and Posterior segment for Optometry Students.

  • Present2014

    LASIK and Refractive Surgery

    LASIK and Refractive Surgery sections on Anterior Segment course for Optometry Students

  • Present2014

    InterProfessional Education

    As part of Western University of Health Sciences Inter-professional Education Program amongst students from Schools of Optometry, Osteopathy, Veterinary Sciences, Physician Assistant

  • Present2014

    Clinical Education

    At Eye Care Center of Western University both clinical education and as part of Clinical Grand Rounds

Teaching History

  • 20142013

    Optometry Externs

    As Ocular Disease resident at Omni Eye Services of New Jersey, supervising externs from various Colleges of Optometry.

  • 20042001

    Ophthalmology Rotations

    Provide instructions to Medical Student at All India Institute of Medical Science during fourth year Ophthalmology rotations

  • 20072005

    Pediatric Ophthalmology

    Supervising Ophthalmology residents from Johns Hopkins, Georgetown University and George Washington University during Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Rotations.